E-mail an die Botschaften und Konsulate der Vereinigten Staaten zum 6. Jahrestag der Verhaftung der Cuban Five

Ladies and Gentleman:

To all justice- and peace-loving people in the U.S. and around the world, we appeal to you to join our struggle:

Six years ago, on September 12th 1998, five young Cubans were taken into custody in Miami. There crime: fighting terrorism!

1st :We ask for a fair trial at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal for five Cubans:

Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, René González and Fernando González

2nd : We ask for the allowance for Olga Salanueva (together with her 6 years old child Ivette) and Adriana Pérez to visit their husbands, René González and Gerardo Hernández resp., in prison.

Our Questions are and we ask you respectfully:

How could the "Cuban Five" have been convicted of espionage at all, when they merely infiltrated NGOs, like CANF, "Brothers to the Rescue", Commando F4 etc. Some of them use to call themselves even Human Right Organizations, although we know these exile Cuban groups are responsible for terroristic actions against their former homeland Cuba, following-up the Batista-Regime causing 20,000 people’s death or vanishing in Cuba before 1959.

(From 1959 till 1999: 5577 Cuban victims by terroristic actions planned on US-soil, 3478 were killed and 2099 invalids).

We know, Cuba gave those informations about planned terrorist attacks to the FBI in June 1998, but at the 12th of September 10 of the informants were arrested instead of prosecuting the terrorists.

Beyond of those strange things we wonder why one of the members of "Brothers to the Rescue", José Basulto, who boasted at the Court of Miami-Dade, having shot at a Cuban Hotel from a boat at the shore could leave the court as a free man.

Quotation of the Transcript of Sentencing Hearing before The Honorable Joan A. Lenard, at the 14th of December 2001 (Pages 42-43 and 45-46): " As a further special condition of supervised release the defendant is prohibited from associating with or visiting specific places where inividuals or groups such as terrorists, members of organzations advocating violence, and organized crime figures are known to be or frequent".

So, the Honorable Court must have known about the "arbitrary law" ruling in South Florida too.

How does it fit in the Bill of Rights?

If there had been any U.S. citizen with the bravery of these young men and he had prevented the tragedy from 9.11th by monitoring the authors of that crime, today he would be celebrated as a hero in the US.

Please, inform your Government and Attorney General, John Ashcroft, of our grave corncern!